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Fermentation Riot Recommended Beer Recipes

The following listing of beer recipes has been strictly filtered down to a list of the recipes that Fermentation Riot would consider to be excellent original beer brewing recipes. As more recipes are tested and approved, more will be added to this list.


Beer Name Beer Style Alcohol IBU's Comment
Little Big Horn Belgian-Style Dark Strong Ale 7.4% 32.6 Excellently balanced brown ale.
Three Silent Stalkers Belgian-Style Tripel 9.5% 27.3 Excellent beer that is light in color but deceivingly strong.
Cruizin' the Autobahn German-Style Kolsch 5.1% 25 Mild and soft with a crisp dry finish, a very easy drinking beer.
Ghirardellicious Robust Porter 7.5% 15.9 What do you get when you combine beer and Ghirardelli chocolate? Ghirardellicious!
Lighthouse Lager American-Style Low-Carbohydrate Light Lager 4.1% 12 For those friends that think you can't brew their light piss beer.
Black Jester German-Style Schwarzbier 4.8% 22 Black like coal but smooth like a pilsner...the black jester will fool you!
Cloudy Sunshine South German-Style Hefeweizen 4.9% 9.4 This is an excellent summer beer that has more of a clove flavor than the banana flavor hefe's usually have.
Frolic Froth Stout Sweet Stout 6.0% 16.9 Flavors of coffee, sweet, dark and rich
Mutiny American-Style India Pale Ale 6.5% 99 What more could you want in an IPA - hop bitterness, hop aroma, clean, and crisp!
Bigfoot's Brother Bob American-Style India Black Ale 7.8% 144 This beer is dark, bold, and hoppy. It will put sasquatch hair on your chest. Be warned!
Climbing Everest Experimental Beer (Lager or Ale) 16.5% 59 Experimental beer, but it definitely has some potential. It is just waiting for someone to twist it into their own.
The Step Child Irish-Style Red Ale 5.5% 17 Why not have this on tap all the time? A well balanced winner for everyone.
Asinine Imperial India Pale Ale 11.6% 112 This beer is hopped to the max and will require that you be a seasoned hophead to thoroughly enjoy it.
Two Brains One Head Belgian-Style Witbier 6.9% 13 A single wit is good, but the double is twice the fun!



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Cloudy Sunshine - Bavarian Hefeweizen


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