Alright most of you may be seeing this and saying to yourself duh!  For the others who normally brew on their kitchen stove and proceed to turn their kitchen into a nightmare resulting in a quick divorce (assuming your married) with repeated batches and boil overs.  Well that is not the only reason a turkey burner is useful.  I will step through them below:

homebrewing and a turkey burner

  • A turkey burner will be done outside.  This is a good time to get outside and get some fresh air.  The other key is that your not having boil overs on the kitchen stove.
  • Most turkey fryers have significantly more power than your kitchen stove.  This means getting a batch of beer to boil faster and freeing up some time in your day.
  • A turkey burner has the power to boil 5 gallons quickly.  If at some point you would expand to 10 or 15 gallon batches your burner may handle that load as well.
  • The most important, speaking from experience, is that the kitchen stove has trouble maintaining a vigorous boil like a turkey burner.  This means that more DMS will be in your beer and it just wont be of the highest quality it could be.
  • This will allow you the horsepower to expand from partial boils to full boils if you haven’t already.

If that isn’t enough reason to spend $50 and buy yourself a burner you will probably never be convinced.  Heck I’ll even do the work for you and post some good quality recommendations below:

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