One of the most under-rated aspects of brewing is cooling your wort.  If the wort is not chilled fast enough there will be higher levels of DMS (cooked vegetable off flavor) or what I call sheep’s piss.

Here is what you need to build your own chiller:

  • 50′ of copper tubing (1/4″ or 3/8″).  The more, the better…
  • 8′ of vinyl tubing which will mate with copper tubing (size dependent on copper tubing)
  • 3 hose clamps
  • copper bender (if available)
  • 1 Garden hose adapter with barbed end
  • Bend the copper tubing into a coil so that it fits into the kettle you will be using.  Be sure to have both ends of the tubing extend up so that they can hang over the kettle.  It is important that there is enough tubing so it can be bent downward over the kettle so any dripping from the lines does not flow back into the wort.  Cornelius kegs will also work as a way to bend the coil into a perfect coil by wrapping the tubing around the keg.
  • Connect the vinyl tubing to the copper tubing and lock on hose clamps.
  • Hose clamp garden hose adapter onto vinyl tubing so that a garden hose can be attached to supply water to the chiller
  • Plug into a water supply and check for leaks.

Thats it!

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