Want to bottle your already kegged beer but dont know how to do it without buying an expensive beer gun or counterpessure bottle filler apparatus?  Here is how…

Parts needed:

1-beer dispenser with hose and fittings to keg 3/8″ orfice

1-3/8″ racking cane (an old racking can works well also but you will need to upgrade)
1-rubber stopper size 2

  1. Cut the racking cane so that a 24″ section remains.  This is so the cane can reach into the bottom of the bottle.
  2. Cut off one end of the cane at a 45° angle so that it doesn’t plug when it reaches the bottom of the bottle.
  3. Slide the racking cane through the stopper roughly halfway.
  4. Fit the end that is cut at 90° into the faucet spout.

That’s it for construction.  Now how to operate:

  1. Position the stopper for the bottle being used.  Ideally the cane will be at the bottom of the bottle with the rubber stopper sealed to the bottle.
  2. Turn down the keg pressure to 2-5 psi so that there is just enough pressure to push the beer.
  3. Release the faucet handle so beer is allowed to flow.  Pressure should begin to build in the bottle and flow will stop assuming the stopper is sealed.
  4. With your thumb press on the upper portion of the rubber stopper so that the seal to the bottle is just slightly broken.  This will slowly release pressure and the bottle will fill.
  5. Once the bottle nears the top pull out the stopper and give a quick shot of beer in the top of the bottle to cause foaming.
  6. Once the foam rises out the top of the bottle, cap the bottle.  The point of pushing foam out of the top is so that all the air is purged from the bottle.  The reduces oxygen exposure and increases shelf life.

There you have it – a carbonated, yeast sediment free, tasty brew in bottled form.

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