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How to Clean a Cornelius Keg

The following steps outline the proper steps required to properly clean a Cornelius Keg. It is recommended that all these steps be performed prior to every batch of beer being made.

1.) Disassemble the Keg - Remove the liquid and gas posts, liquid and gas tubes, lid, pressure relief valve from the lid, poppet valves from the posts and all the o-rings (5 total). Check that all o-rings are smooth with no significant nicks or damage.

2.) Soak Components in Cleanser - Place all components into the keg and fill with hot water and add PBW. Soak for 1 hour as this will remove the bulk of the dirt and grime from the components.

3.) Flip and Soak Keg in Cleanser - Flip the keg upside down into a brew kettle and let the cleanser clean the top of the keg.

4.) Sanitize the Keg and Components - Empty the cleansing solution from the keg and fill with sanitizing solution such as Starsan. Place components into keg compartment to soak. Let soak for 15 minutes or longer.

5.) Empty the Keg and Re-assemble - Pour out the sanitizer and reassemble the keg. Spray sanitizing solution on all screw on fittings on the top of the keg before assembly. Ensure that you are wearing sanitized gloves during this process to no contaminate the installed components.

6.) Final Sanitizing - After the keg is assembled fill with a gallon of sanitizing solution and pressurize the keg. Open the liquid out valve to flush sanitizer solution through the output. Tip the keg upside down and open the pressure relief valve.

7.) Also periodically sanitize the ball lock valves which make contact with your keg. They can also cause problems.

The list does seem fairly detailed and long but at least you are not cleaning and filling bottles!










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