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Beer Brewing Malt and Grain Types

The following is a list of all the common malt (grain) types used in the brewing process. Malts supply the sugar needed which the yeast will convert to alcohol during fermentation. Just like with yeast, there are many different malted grains, wheats, and other adjuncts available to supply that sugar source. However, they are not all the same and can impart drastically different results to your final beer. This should help as a resource guide.

Select a Malt From the Dropdown List:

2-Row Malt | 6-Row Malt | Acid Malt | Amber Malt | Belgian Aromatic | Belgian Biscuit Malt | Belgian Pilsner 2-Row | Belgian Wheat | Black Barley | Black Patent Malt | Briess Pale Ale Malt | Brown Malt | Brumalt | CaraAroma | Carafa I | Carafa II | Carafa III | CaraFoam | Caramel Wheat Malt | CaraMunich | CaraPils | CaraRed | Carastan 15 | Carastan 35 | CaraVienna | Chocolate Malt | Chocolate Rye Malt | Chocolate Wheat Malt | Crystal 10 | Crystal 120 | Crystal 150 | Crystal 20 | Crystal 30 | Crystal 40 | Crystal 60 | Crystal 80 | Crystal 90 | Dark Wheat | Dextrine Malt | English Mild | Gambrinus Honey Malt | German Pilsner 2-Row | German Wheat | Golden Promise | Lager Malt | Malted Oats | Maris Otter | Melanoidin Malt | Munich 10 | Munich 20 | Munich Malt | Optic | Peated Malt | Roasted Barley | Smoked Malt | Special B | Special Roast | Toasted Malt | UK Pilsner 2-Row | Victory Malt | Vienna Malt | White Wheat |








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