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Beer Brewing Malt and Grain Types

The following is a list of all the common malt (grain) types used in the brewing process. Malts supply the sugar needed which the yeast will convert to alcohol during fermentation. Just like with yeast, there are many different malted grains, wheats, and other adjuncts available to supply that sugar source. However, they are not all the same and can impart drastically different results to your final beer. This should help as a resource guide.

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Malt Variety: Chocolate Malt

Potential: 1.034
Yield: 73.6%

-Contributes to body








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In your last installment of 'Spent Grains,' you boldly proclaimed that the Celis beers had outsold all other American beers in Belgium. This is a stretch for at least two reasons. First, there are virtually NO American beers in Belgium. I have seen Bud for $7.00 a can in specialty beer cafes, but you can imagine how overwhelmingly popular that was. Second, Celis is contract-brewed by the DeSmedt Brewery in Opwijk, Belgium. Now my hat is off to Pierre for riding back into town with his guns a-blazin', but you can't call a Belgian Wit brewed at a Belgian brewery under contract to a Belgian guy an American beer -- even if he does live in Texas!