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Beer Recipe | Two Brains One Head

Beer Name: Two Brains One Head Brewer: Propagation Nation
Beer Style: Belgian-Style Witbier Recipe Created: 2011-05-01

General Description of Beer: A single wit is good, but the double is twice the fun!

Batch Size:5 gallonsBoil Time:90 minutes
Grains and Malts: lbs:
Pilsner 7
Wheat, Flaked 5
Oats, Flaked 1
Munich 0.5
Hops: oz Addition Time:
Hallertauer Hersbrucker 1 60 minutes (boil)
Mashing Schedule:

Step Temperature Step Time
122 15 minutes
155 75 minutes

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Additional Ingredients:

Others: Addition Amount: Addition Timing:
Irish Moss 1 tbsp 5 minutes (boil)
Chamomile Flowers 0.03 oz 5 minutes (boil)
Coriander Seed 0.40 oz 5 minutes (boil)
Orange Peel, Bitter 1.5 oz 5 minutes (boil)
Critical Brewing Targets:
Original Gravity: 1.068
Final Gravity: 1.016

Mash Efficiency:
Alc By Vol Estimate: 6.9%
Color Target (SRM): 4.6
Carbonation Method (sugar primed or kegged): kegged
Carbonation Volumes: 3.2

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Yeast Brand: White Labs
Yeast Name: Belgian Wit Ale
Yeast #: WLP400
Yeast Starter: Yes - recommended
Aeration: stirred fermentor by hand (10 minutes)

Stage: Temp °F: Days:
Stage 1 68 14
Stage 2 72 14
Stage 3

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Comments From the Brewer:
Chamomile can be obtained by getting a chamomile tea bag and letting it soak for the end of the boil. Coriander seed needs to be cracked but not crushed into flour before adding.

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