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Beer Recipe | Climbing Everest

Beer Name: Climbing Everest Brewer: Propagation Nation
Beer Style: Experimental Beer (Lager or Ale) Recipe Created: 2011-05-01

General Description of Beer: Experimental beer, but it definitely has some potential. It is just waiting for someone to twist it into their own.

Batch Size:5 gallonsBoil Time:60 minutes
Grains and Malts: lbs:
Pale Malt, Maris Otter 30
Hops: oz Addition Time:
Amarillo Gold 1 60 minutes (boil)
Warrior 2 60 minutes (boil)
Mashing Schedule:

Step Temperature Step Time
149 90 minutes

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Additional Ingredients:

Others: Addition Amount: Addition Timing:
Beano 2 tablets Start of Primary Fermentation
Critical Brewing Targets:
Original Gravity: 1.159
Final Gravity: 1.03

Mash Efficiency:
Alc By Vol Estimate: 16.5%
Color Target (SRM): 10.8
Carbonation Method (sugar primed or kegged): kegged
Carbonation Volumes: 2.5

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Yeast Brand: White Labs
Yeast Name: Abbey Ale & High Gravity
Yeast #: WLP530 and WLP099
Yeast Starter: Yes - Need Huge Starter
Aeration: Oxygenate Like Crazy

Stage: Temp °F: Days:
Stage 1 68 21
Stage 2 70 30
Stage 3

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Comments From the Brewer:
The interesting thing about this beer is the use of two yeasts to acquire the right flavor profile when one yeast does not do the job. As the flavor of the beer is mainly determined by the 1st few days of fermentation, yeast 1 will have the most pronounced effect on the flavors. The addition of the high gravity yeast in the secondary is more to clean up the sugars that are still left behind to help dry it out. This is the base of the recipe but feel free to add in more aroma hops or dry hops for your liking. Its not too often you can hand someone a homebrewed beer that exceeds 15% alcohol so have fun with this. Also note your mash tun is the limiting factor so you may need to spike up to get your original gravity to match with additional malt extract. Beano is added as an enzyme which will convert more of the unfermentable sugars into fermentable sugars resulting in a lighter bodied beer which this will need.

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