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American Ale 1056
American Ale II 1272
American Lager 2035
American Wheat 1010
Bavarian Lager 2206
Bavarian Wheat 3056
Bavarian Wheat 3638
Belgian Abbey II 1762
Belgian Ale 1214
Belgian Ardennes 3522
Belgian Lambic Blend 3278
Belgian Saison 3724
Belgian Strong Ale 1388
Belgian Wheat 3942
Belgian Witbier 3944
Biere de Garde
Bohemian Lager 2124
Brettan. Bruxellensis 3112
Brettan. Lambicus 3526
Brettanomyces bruxellensis 5112
Brettanomyces lambicus 5526
British Ale 1098
British Ale II 1335
British Cask Ale 1026
Budvar Lager 2000
California Lager 2112
Canadian/Belgian Style 3864
Czech Pils 2278
Danish Lager 2042
Denny's favorite 50 1450
Dutch Castle Yeast 3822
English Special Bitter 1768
European Ale 1338
European Lager II 2247
Farmhouse Ale 3726
Forbidden Fruit Yeast 3463
French Saison 3711
Gambrinus Lager 2002
German Ale 1007
German Wheat 3333
Irish Ale 1084
Kölsch 2565
Lactobac. Delbruckii 4335
Lactobacillus 5335
Leuven Pale Ale 3538
London Ale 1028
London Ale III 1318
London ESB Ale 1968
Munich Lager 2308
North American Lager 2272
Northwest Ale 1332
Octoberfest Lager Blend 2633
Pacman Yeast 1764
Pediococcus 5773
Pediococcus Cerivisiae 4733
Pilsen Lager 2007
Ringwood Ale 1187
Roeselare Ale Blend 3763
Scottish Ale 1728
Thames Valley Ale 1275
Thames Valley Ale II 1882
Trappist High Gravity 3787
Urquell Lager 2001
Weihenstephan Weizen 3068
West Yorkshire Ale 1469
Whitbread Ale 1099
Wyeast Ale Blend 1087


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Cloudy Sunshine - Bavarian Hefeweizen


For drink, there was beer which was very strong when not mingled with water, but was agreeable to those who were used to it. They drank this with a reed, out of the vessel that held the beer, upon which they saw the barley swim.