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Yeast Pitching Rate Calculator

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The following calculation is for a simple yeast starter. A simple yeast starter is one where dry malt extract is added to heated water, cooled, and allowed to ferment for 24-48 hours with manual mixing by hand every 6 to 8 hours for aeration.



For complete instructions on how to make a yeast starter click here - making a yeast starter.

How to use:

1.) Enter the starting gravity target of your wort that will be fermented. This is the specific gravity that you would measure on your hydrometer (ie - 1.055).

2.) Enter the volume of wort that will be fermented in gallons

3.) Select the beer type being made. Ales refer to beers that are fermented with ale yeasts (top fermenting) at temperatures of 65-75°F.

4.) Select the quantity of yeast packages or vials being used and the yeast type.

5.) Enter the yeast viability. This is an overall estimate for how much of the yeast we think are still alive. This is really dependent on the type of yeast and how long it has been in storage and the storage conditions. If you have just purchased your yeast from a reputable home brew supply store I would assume you are getting a yeast that is 85-95% viable. If your yeast has sat for a few months before use this may be more like 60-70% for liquid yeast. Dry yeast is much more stable and if stored in the fridge will remain to be viable up to 90% for a few months.


Yeast Required: This is the recommended pitching rate in billions of cells that you should use for your beer recipe to optimize the production of beer and flavors.

Yeast in One Package: This is the quantity of yeast that is supplied in one package from the yeast type that was selected. This can be used to see what the difference is between what is needed and what one package of yeast will supply.

Starter Size: This is the estimated starter size that should be used to propagate one package of yeast to the required cell count needed.

Malt Extract to Add: This is the amount of dry malt extract that should be added to the amount of water listed on the starter size.


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